Rhythm Recording Project


Learned a lot about how to play Garageband to my advantage using rhythm.


All information provided by Mayah

Terms and concepts

  • Meter – Accent on a certain beat of the song (Heartbeat)
  • Pacing – Similar to tempo, more of the “feeling” then actually speed
  • Tempo – Number of beats per minute.
  • Beat – Rhythmic unit in a song
  • Hip Hop – a genre of music that involves synthesizers and lots of voice
  • Quantize – Getting on beat in music.
  • Single Take – One and done
  • Multipass Recording – Doing multiple takes and then choosing pieces that you want from those takes to make a single take
  • Overdub – You have an initial recording and you are adding instruments top record another track and adding on top of it.
  • C1 Octave Range – Octave to octave, C note to C note
  • Cowbell – bovine rhythmic instrument, percussion, needs more
  • Drum Kit – Cymbals, and other percussion instruments used with drumsticks
  • Kick Drum – lowest sound on a kit
  • Snare Drum – A drum with special metal components that cause it to”rattle”
  • Drum Machine (808) – One of the first nice drum machine and has a great/rich low end.
  • Loop – A sound that repeats seamlessly
  • Arpeggiation – playing notes of key in any order
  • Sound Effects – adding sounds to get an effect
  • One Shot Sound – a single sound

What I learned

That Garageband has a lot more to offer than what I first new about. I did not own knowledge of how automated the functions could be with the correct clicks. And tempo has always pained me when operating in Garage band but now I have the necessary intelligence to correct my issues.

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